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Pratransit software tips

A lot of software are distributed as commercial. Such software are usually sold in brightly decorated boxes containing CDs or floppy disks, documentation and registration card.

And this is on every computer you need to buy! What do you think, why Bill Gates, CEO Microsoft - the richest man in the world?

So can manage unlicensed software? - Do not be. RF Law “On Legal Protection of computers and databases” back in September 1992, was adopted.

But to the choice of software should be treated even more carefully than to the choice of the computer. Why, for example, to buy 20 boxes (the number of computers) with MS Office'om if much cheaper to buy one box (disc then only one is needed, and documentation will suffice), and the rest - the license (ie the right to use programs). In addition, there is a flexible system of discounts, various benefits, etc. Without specialists you can not do...

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How to choose paratransit scheduling software

There are a lot of scheduling software that are used to support the work of the computer and perform various auxiliary functions. It manages the vans, routes in your company, fuel and schedules. The operating system provides a convenient way to communicate with your computer. The most widely used not only in our country but all over the world have different versions of operating systems from Microsoft: Windows 98, Windows NT and newer - Windows ME and Windows 2000.

And these are the software that help to perform a specific job. After all, modern computer became an assistant of an increasing number of people.

It can be in the workplace secretary and accountant, economist and designer, architect and employee HR - yes almost everywhere - in fact with the help of the dispatch paratransit software can be much more efficient to perform the trick!

Almost any PC...

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Software Implementation

During the implementation phase may also need help from the outside.

Regardless of who will carry out the implementation: the software vendor consultants, business partners or independent firm implementation plan is likely to be the same.

It is important to listen to your advisers and be prepared to provide the resources involved in the implementation plan. A common mistake many companies engaged in large-scale implementation for the first time, is underestimating the complexity of their own processes.

For example, the standard scenario of ERP implementation is as follows:

1) The consultants state that an important step is the formation of a professional team of implementation and warn about the risks associated with a lack of resources.
2) Leaders formally agree with this need, but look at the questions as consultants on “crocodile tears”.
3) Introduction fails or goes bad.

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Software selection and implementation today - is a separate market segment. All want to gain on selling business software: the developers, local dealers, consulting companies, and independent experts. What do a company that feels the need for a system solving problems in a particular area of business?

Chosiing software is a serious stage, the importance of which can not be overemphasized. To rely on this choice: the number of implementations, the name of the software vendor, the price decision, external consulting agencies, - none of this does not guarantee the result.

Unfortunately, stories of failed implementations of the class ERP, are the rule rather than the exception. Anyone who regularly meet with the press, drew attention to the cases where large corporations advertise the loss or reduction of income, citing, including problems with software systems. Believe it or not such...

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How to choose transport scheduling software?

Key features of the any scheduling and dispatch system:

Tracing the route of the paratransit van in real time;
Loading information about the movement of the vehicle for any period of time;
Observation on the map the inclusion of additional equipment (pump, body, drilling machines, etc.);
Displays parking areas on the map;
Displays information on vector maps;
Generate reports on gas stations, fuel consumption, time of the vehicle and additional equipment;
Receiving alarms;
Real-time tracking of the level of fuel in the tank, speed of the van, the system voltage, the distance traveled, as well as analysis of the dynamics of changes in the parameters for any period of time.
Transfer to display the current site area on satellite images Google Maps.

Key features of the Web based software
To display properly use browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari. (In Internet Explorer and Opera sometimes...

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Transport monitoring systems

Transport monitoring is a system of transport monitoring , monitoring of stationary objects and people, which is used with wearable trackers or GSM-terminals mounted in the truck. The system like this makes it possible not only to obtain information from them about the location, the condition of each of the controlled object, but also to display the data on vector maps, to control timing of operation and routes to inform operators about emergency events.

Due to the rapid acquisition of information staff can instantly react to events, to effectively prevent unauthorized hacking sites, vehicle theft, inefficient use of energy and time. Transport monitor system comes with GSM-terminals, which are manufactured by software company, for free. Support terminals and handheld trackers from other manufacturers available in the FortMonitor Vendor - the commercial version of the program...

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